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16 May 2020

now this guy as I said got his warning , and he still says I believe in law enforcement in amerika. He thinks because this guy got fired and he's a vet , that all this is great and speaks well of amerika. But you hear what the wife says pay attn closely . she says this is what she tells her children how to act when these savages come, even though it shouldn't be. But I believe she lives in the here and now reality whereas he husband probably hopes to join theses slave catchers one day because he thinks the rest of us are just trouble makers when a lot of us just like he and his wife have these type encounters with the police. Or he can ask Breonna taylor, sandra bland,atatiana jefferson, and so many more we don't hear about. WELL HE GOT HIS ONE WARNING. And I suppose since the guy got fired , he thinks he's counted as an amerikan , and not a black amerikan first. we'll see. check with us in a few mos, after he has a few more encounters with the police. Because there will be more , now that the rest know their buddy was fired because of him.

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mickybricks 4 months ago

He gone learn the hard way

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