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Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization By Anthony Browder

13 Dec 2019

January's Book Review is Anthony Browder's Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization. Anthony Browder is the go to scholar if you want to learn the truth about ancient Egyptians. Present-day Egyptians are not the same as ancient Egyptians. Just like Present-day Americans aren't the same race as the Indigenous People of America.

Here is a link with great references and pictures that unequivocally prove that the original people of Egypt were Black:

Egypt was originally known as Kemet. And Kemet means "Land of the Blacks". The people were not referring to the soil, they were referring to themselves. They erected statues that reflected themselves. Many White Egyptologists & White Supremacists who lied about the identity of ancient Egyptians also defaced many of the statues to hide the hide their African noses/lips.

The hairstyles of ancient Egyptians show styles of Locs, Braids/Cornrows and Afros.....Black styles that can only be created with wooly hair.

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop developed a method of quantifying the melanin in skin. He tested ancient Egyptian mummies that revealed a concentration of melanin that corresponds only to the Black race.

And last but not least, Egypt is in Africa. The field of Egyptology was created to control the narrative of say that Egypt is not a part of "Sub-Saharan" Africa. "Sub-Saharan" Africa is a term made up to separate African people from their rightful legacy. There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt. And the oldest monarchy (Ta Seti in Nubia) occurred 200 yrs before Egypt's first dynasty. Ethiopia is the grandmother, Nubia is the mother and Egypt is the daughter and not the other way around.

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Enlightened1 3 months ago

The Nile Valley is Civilization, period. Civilization that we do not know because we live in a heathen society!

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