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Royal Bedwench Meghan Markle expecting first child with Prince Harry

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
15 Oct 2018

Not even that long after they got married Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is expecting her first child with Prince Harry, Kensington Palace announced. Baby is due in the spring. Which means she was pregnant BEFORE they got engaged.

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MaryannT23 4 months ago

Her father is a white man.she’s with her own race,her people,her kind.according to some black males,you’re the seed of your father.she’s a white woman then.i see her as both black and white.biracial.i’m also Biracial but not half father is a black man,my loving mother is asian.

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Black Global Village
Black Global Village 4 months ago

The problem is people misunderstand the meaning Black when its applied to biracial black people. Black as an identification and political term was adopted during the sixties during the civil rights era when Malcolm X called on black america to drop the oficla term of negro and colored which was whites term for us. Black america agreed and used Black as a designator. During the late sixties into the seventies the term expanded which included briacal people. It was not saying Biracial was Black in a racial sense but their struggle idelogies political struggle was black and they were part of the struggle as well as the diasporia. It was never used as a discounter of them being mixed. However in the eighties when white women started having children with black men and raised them alone that black term was lost on them and they thought it meant the children being black literally. Which is what we have today including a generation of black people in their 20s and thirties who also have no understanding on what the term Black meant. In the seventies there was no confusion and even in parts of europe where you have mixed black people who say they are black represent blackness but have no problem saying they mixed as well as well as other black people who obviously know the difference. We have to stop using the term under white eyes and go back to what it actually meant under our eyes as the history is aligned with the copllective which you are a part of since out of all the racial mixtures out there its always someone who is mixed with black that is made to question who what they are deny their blackness but at the same time demonized fro being black unlike other mixed people who are not mixed with black.

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