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Mother Of Bullied Girl Slaps The Shit Outta Thr Billy....In Front Of Her Own MaMa LoL

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

GD!!!! She wasn’t holding it up!!! LOL

The Lesson is: Stop Online Bullying! That’s Pussy Shit
Join the snatch with me

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commonman80 10 months ago

The Mother Isn't Much Older Than The Daughter.. AND? They Have Another One Lined Up In The Cart Behind The Young Mother And The Daughter.. DEAR GOD I Hope That Baby Doesn't Belong To The Daughter.. Because "The Mother" Of The Girl Who Was Slapped? Can't Be More Than 22 Or 23..

Which Would Make The Mother Of The Girl Who Was Slapped? "A GRANDMOTHER" In Her 20's.. This Is Why This WELFARE SHIT MUST BE ENDED.. because NOT ONE OF THE "ADULT" FEMALES IN THIS VIDEO? Looked As If They Couldn't Hold Down A Steady Job.. It's A Damn Shame...

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mickybricks 10 months ago

that SLAP did sound kinda WET

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