ML Spade
ML Spade 13 Oct 2019
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Homeless guy owns an schools 2 cops
12 Nov 2019
Homeless guy owns an schools 2 cops
The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X" · 5 Views

Crooked Cops Should Be Disarmed... (BY LAW) ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


Some Individuals Just Isn't Mentally Fit To Wear The Badge And Shouldn't Be Allowed To Even Look At A Loaded Gun, Let Along Be Allowed To Carry One.. #ExtensiveBackgroundCheck4RacistCopCandidates...

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mickybricks 30 days ago

100% REAL TALK there my brotha ML
Them dirty murdering ass kkkops should be banned from owning any firearms and lose the right of the 2nd Amendment.
After that if they get caught with any type of Firearms it should be an instant 10 years in jail with no appeal.

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ML Spade
ML Spade 30 days ago

@Brotha' Mickey let's be ruthless and give 'em 20 with no parole . Because we know they won't listen, until they're forced to.

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OGNeedMo 1 month ago

Black Texas need to find out where these pig's place of residences is and pay those evil wrollas a late night visit, with some molotov cocktails. Or just knock on the pig's door terminator style, and pop everyone in sight. I've also had enough of these fuckers, shooting our people and getting off. @ML Spade, i've seen a meme online with a honkey cop on it, that says fuck our 911 calls, I was like no, FUCK THE POLICE .

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SDubb 1 month ago

The guns is what make those cowards, act up. That sista' shouldn't have been shot, in her own house like that. That cop is stupid, like many of them. Seeing them having to give up firearms, will be a dream come true. Without guns, they would leave the police force, with the quickness. Losing their guns, will be their worst fear and nightmare.

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SpeakWittSense 1 month ago

They said that woman was peaceful, these crooked cops with learn a hard lesson, when they suddenly start getting fatally shot back. I'm tired of these ugly white devils, getting acquitted after killing 1 of us. Fuck the racist white heathen police.

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StaHye 1 month ago

Fuck these white ass race soldiers, that's a good idea, these white police are too trigger happy and need to be disarmed. Let's see them on the beat with only a flashlight, taser and mace. Their whole attitude will change, without them firearms and it will be a whole lot less unarmed blacks being murdered.

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Homeless guy owns an schools 2 cops
12 Nov 2019
Homeless guy owns an schools 2 cops
The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X" · 5 Views