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Whites in denial over Terrorist and says it was 'good, quiet kid'...SOUNDS ABOUT WHITE!

Sounds About White!
Sounds About White!
15 Aug 2019

In TYPICAL white tradition a criminal or terrorist linked directly to white people will see them in denial and using the words to describe the terrorist and criminal as being a good person or a good kid, or a quiet nice person or kid. This is to show the typical practice of a people living in delusional fantasy and wont take responsibility for their violence and crimes. A Centennial Hills community is still talking about the arrest of one of its members who was taken into custody by the FBI. Federal authorities say 23-year-old Conor Climo plotted to kill Jews and members of the LGBTQ community.

Andy Flynn lives right next door to the terror suspect. Flynn said, “Surprise, total surprise, shock.”

Regularly, Flynn says, he would run into Climo in their Centennial Hills neighborhood.

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