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hate me if you want for what I say.mp4

21 Feb 2020

I expect a lot of backleash from this narration .But I don't care . The truth needs to be told. And all you mf out here protesting for a criminal dying for doing criminal shit are so misguided. I've seen this so many times. you march pray sing for a mf doing wrong , and most of the time , he's doing it to us. But you same mfs won't demand these type urban terrorist be put down. Thats why so many neighborhoods and communities where negros live are so fucked up and nobody wants to be around you. Yeah he dead. Yeah he stole a car Yeah he went on a wild pursuit , Yeah he had a knife.Yeah he shouldn't have done any of this. So now yeah his ass is dead. SHOW THIS TO YOUR KIDS B4 THEY DO DUMB SHIT LIKE THIS.Instead of having them marching condoning this type shit as though the mfs like this are innocent. I'm sorry but I feel nothing for this mf or no other coon ass nigga mf who does shit like this. I know a few people who've been on the recieving end of having their car jacked and stolen by these ignorant bastards. Ask them how they feel when they get their shit back destroyed and have lost a job because of it , and these mfs are let loose within a day or so to do it to someone else. So hate me all you want for this one. And its time black people speak up and quit being led by bullsgit and admit when a lot of shit that happens to mfs like this they brought upon themselves, and good riddance

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