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05 Jan 2020

isn't this some ironic shit. but I guess it was befitting of old tom , or whatever the black guys name was that took a bullet for the team. The name of the town is white settlement, which I heard from some newscaster was named that when the indians started settling there. Now thats a line of bullshit of the highest order. it was named that because weren't anyone allowed in that town but white mfs . blacks and indians were not allowed. hence the name, so there would be no mistake.But the one black guy got killed along with another white guy, and every mf that felt like it had a gun on them in church. And these are the mfs that arethe evangelicals , and conservatives that supposedly believe so deeply in their god, and tries to push that bullshit on everybody throughout the whole world, and if you don't well you see what comes next guns and bombs. But i'm quite sure that lone negro that died in the service of his white god , along with his white masters,or at least at their side probably taking a bullet for one of them feels right at home with his head being rubbed in hell/ heaven right about now

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