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Sen. Flowers says she won't apologize for comments against 'Stand Your Ground' bill

The True Royal Family

Both Sens. Stephanie Flowers and Bob Ballinger spoke after a video went viral where Flowers gave an emotional speech against a "Stand Your Ground" bill that failed in committee.

Video courtesy Arkansas Senate

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LeeMay 1 year ago

She did the right thing no apology needed.. We all know Stand Your Ground Bill is a anti Black bill, aimed specifically at Black people. Kudos to this Senator, we need more like her. I am so happy that this bill failed.

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1 year ago

Good for miss flowers! I'm glad she's standing her ground on what she said, and that she won't take back what she said. Also miss Royal if you could talk about this campaing for a black owned supermarket that will sell goods from black businesses and farms only. The word on this needs to be spread to as many black people as possible, and I believe you would be one of the best people to inform people about this.

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