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Man Killed His Wife And Kids Because They Were Amalekites - APTTMH!

Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva
16 Nov 2019

The truth is getting to these edo-mites for real this is just YET ANOTHER reason WHY they wanna stop our videos from being on youtube
they dont want children to grow up and learn this truth ...just like in south park they want p.c. babies that will complain and will wanna regulate things like coming up for gay rights
and you cant say this and you cant say that, they are training these children to act a certain way and them kids think it is the right thing to do
chinese children that grow up in america dont eat dog and probably dont wanna do it as much as chinese children grown up in china among dog eating residents

They think it is a perfectly normal thing to do boil a dog alive and stuff but the ones that are westernized would think twice
Same thing goes for arab girls raised in western societies, they will walk around without their head covered theyll be sluts and hoes
But in their own countries they refrain from that type of mentality because they are raised different...

The p.c. babies in south park is a DIRECT example of WHAT type of children they are breeding now, them children that will eventually see nothing wrong with people that fuck dogs
or be homosexuals or do all types of sick things like abortions and putting your sex life on the internet for others to see what you do
believe it or not but your daughters? might become the next internet porn star out of her OWN house they just take pics with their phone and upload them AND BOOM instand fame
infamous actually...

These are the type of things this image of the beast is creating total madness and lawlessness ...chaos is what esau wants and will bring
UNTIL Yahawah Bahasham Yahawashi will TAKE, HIM, DOWN!

Man convicted of killing wife, kids, neighbors’ child in chilling attack

Father killed his wife, kids because they were ‘Amalekites‘

Migdal murderer of four indicted,7340,L-4930225

Father who killed wife, children and neighbor’s child fit to stand trial,7340,L-4927807

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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 9 months ago

Fuck this fake Jews! APTTMH!

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