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Above All That Drama

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Kimathi100 5 months ago

When are BLACK People gonna Start KILLING these F**KING CRAKKKA MF’S , this SHiT with the PIGS has gone on too Long? It’s Nearly TEN years now? When is Enough, Enough? They have Declared WAR on BLACK PEOPLE!..MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN! This CRAP cannot go UNANSWERED? If it’s WAR they WANT it’s WAR they’ll Get! ..Only when they start Getting EXECUTED will they back the F**K Off! MARCHING and PROTESTING don’t mean Jack! Those CRACKKKA’S only understand one Language VIOLENCE! What will they do KILL all of US? CRAKKKA’S are intrinsically COWARDS! And NONE of them Want to F**KING DIE!

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