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STRANGEST Abandoned Hotels Around The World

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

From ghost town resorts to cursed tropical hostels, these are 10 STRANGE Abandoned Hotels Around The World !

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10. Divine Lorraine Hotel | Philadelphia

North Philadelphia Built and Abandoned; the Divine Lorraine Hotel has been a landmark building of the city since 1894. It was luxurious and beautiful, a sight to behold. The hotel was one of the first high rise buildings in all of philadelphia, sitting pretty at 10 stories tall.

The building was renamed as the Divine Lorraine Hotel and it was the first business of its kind to be fully racially integrated, and even had a “public floor” that was dedicated as a place of worship.

The hotel was open until 1999.
That is when this beautiful building transformed into a placeholder for local graffiti artists and a great place to break into if you were homeless for the night.

So where are we now ? Surprisingly, the complex was successfully renovated, you can get yourself a 1 bedroom apartment starting at $1500/ month. Its nice to see that sometimes, a historical building can be used to its full capacity again.

9. Kupari Resort | Croatia

8. Bad Gastein | Austria

Some conflicting stories on this one, a lot of people describe this majestic Alpine village as a great resort to visit, others, believe that the handful of abandoned hotels and sanatoriums are an eyesore not deserving of their money.

Bad Gastein was once one of the most popular spots for a winter holiday, but with the rise of nearby communities, tourism dwindled. Hotels like the Grand Straubinger and Badeschloss have been shut down for good,

The local community is pretty mad about the situation, a big company purchased 4 failing hotels with the promise of renovation, but they never followed through with their plans.

7. Bokor Palace | Cambodia

6. Ducor Hotel | Liberia

5. Hotel Sheraton | Cook Islands

Would you believe me if I told you this hotel was cursed from the very beginning ?

Well thats how the official story goes ! This hotel’s builders had close ties to the Mafia, and some locals claim that the land they built the hotel on, was illegally obtained.

During the building ceremony, a man started chanting, he cursed the project… and to be fair, the Hotel Sheraton Rarotonga never did open its doors !

The project was abandoned, but only after most of the buildings were completed. You can visit the creepy location… if you dare !

4. Sanzhi UFO Houses | Taiwan

3.Lee Plaza Hotel | Michigan

Yet again, we visit Detroit Michigan, the whole city has suffered greatly, and even though it has such a rich and vibrant history, many parts of the town lay in ruins.

The Lee Plaza Hotel was finished in 1929, at first it was used as a luxury apartment building, During the Great Depression, the building changed a few owners, each having a different idea for the future of it.

In the 50s and 60s, it became a not so fancy hotel, and by 1968, it was converted to an old folks home…. That didnt last too long either, by 1997 the Lee Plaza was completely vacant, and shut down.

The City of Detroit has purchased the Lee Plaza, there are talks of renovations, but only time will tell.

2.Hotel Belvedere | Dubvrovnik

1.Hotel belvedere | Switzerland

Nooo, I didn’t mess up, it's just coincidence that both these hotels are named Belvedere. Or… is it ?

Wellll, the definition of the word is; a building, designed to have great scenic views. To tell you the truth, for the longest time I just assumed it was a famous last name…. How about you ?

Anywaysssss, this quaint little building is located very close to the Rhone Glacier, in a place people call “furka pass”. Yet again, there are some conflicting stories to tell, reading reviews of the hotel, it seems that it has been shut down for the past 3 years or so…. Buuut there is a review from June 11, 2017. So which is it?

Lets try and book a room, shall we ?

No such luck, maybe the rumors are true, and this hotel IS abandoned. The surrounding area has suffered as well, I guess the glacier isn’t as majestic as it once was, so tourism money has all but dried up.

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LeeMay 10 months ago

Seems like the government could put these abandoned hotels and millionaire homes to good use to benefit the people.

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