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Live murder at Attapur pillar no 139 in Rajendra Nagar PS limits | SA 24X 7 NEWS | HYDERABAD


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blackme 7 months ago

these are the same curry stinking wanna be whites that look down on us. they are as violent and savage as their cave beast cousins. wild dogs killing each other is no problem for black people. leave em to it.

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LeeMay 7 months ago

And just like in the Black community there is no intervention, just stand around scared to intervene. They don't have guns in this country. At least someone could have fired a shot or something. But, oh well, they hate Black people too. Moving on.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Yeah Sis, to hell with those curry eating MF's. #FuckGandi

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BConscience 7 months ago

Last time I saw a brutha intervented, he was ARRESTED.

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