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White People Are Playing Chess & Black People Are Playing Checkers - The Interracial Agenda

Everybody Hates Angel
Published on 16 May 2018 / In Education

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Blkazz 2 months ago

It's all about maintaining the Family over multiple generations. Most us Blacks can't name our four grandparents while the White due talkin' about some 1820 guy that passed on land that he still has. "If you don't have land, you ain't no kinda man." - O' Brother Where Art Thou?

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Kleenkut218 3 months ago

Let's play chess then! The caucazoids are a imbalance to nature. If we interbreed one generation only we will wipe them out of existence. You can't get black from white because of the recessive caucazoid genes. I've seen biracial children who breeds back with with our people have very dark melanated offspring. We can use that formula to cleanse the plane of this parasite to hue-manity.

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Audlane1 3 months ago

If you don’t understand the rules and moves of chess, then you can’t play chess. Blacks have been just trying to survive and so planning for the future is not a major concern. However, we must learn how to play chess and re-prioritize what’s of value!: our children!

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Jamieblue 3 months ago

i believe that 100%. I think boarding schools would be the best way to bring the black community up to speed quickly. They work extremely well in Africa we just need to add problack education self defense and economics to the curriculum and we will be set. Owning our schools and our curriculum is worth the price.

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amalone 3 months ago

I would say black people are not even thinking of the next-generation they are only for the here and now! They concentrate on kids with light skin and (good hair) bull crap while we are bring bred out! I don't get mad with white people for fighting for survival I get mad with black people for not fighting for survival! I see these white men going to Africa getting the darkest women they can find probably because American black women genetics is watered down with theirs, and getting all these babies! This explains it all!

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Buckeyechick 3 months ago

This the truth. I got a 23andme test. I am dark brown with 4c hair but I got 10 percent Euro dna. My obviously Black brothers have biracial children and they do not look that mixed. They look like passers. The generation coming up in my family don't have any melanin but a serious LA tan. Look at that dude from modern family, his great grandma was black but he looks straight white. I agree, we are being bred out.

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