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Springfield police arrest armed man at Walmart Neighborhood Market. AND GUESS WHO HE'S SCARING

09 Aug 2019

you gotta love it. these mfs were so mfkn happy to be able to walk around when obama was president, and their white counterparts , or a whole lot of these white mfs north south east and west around amerika. Now since those mfs didn't get to fight all those liberals and black folk, they are scaring the shit out of their own by walking around loaded for war, and no-one to fight . but i'll tell you black folk . When you look at this video, and the other story of how one of these white devils went to a staging center for refugees in el paso today, and he was loaded with a rifle and a knife, and all they did was talk to the mf and let him go, just as I suppose they did with this guy,If that don't tell you that these mfs are serious and its time we black people arm up to defend ourselves , I don't know what else to tell you. Also its time to quit protecting those coons and their families that are terrorizing your communities. We can't fight this type war on two fronts . TAKE YOUR KIDS TO A FIRING RANGE

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