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How I make $10,000 for every dollar the tZERO Token Appreciates (Overstock stock, TZROP, OSTKO)

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The tZERO token (TZROP) has been my favorite investment of the year! I invested a little over $10,000 in tZERO back in June of this year and have since been very impressed with the progress of the company and my investment. Check out my video to learn how I've added to my position, the price I plan to start liquidating my profits, and where I think the company is headed! Lets GO!!!!

Let me know what you'd like to learn about security tokens and I'll do my best to put some content together!!!

My favorite Security Token (TZROP)
so much "pending" news for tZERO💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣🚀🤑

1. SEC Approval of wholly-owned Broker-Dealer tZERO “Markets”
2. Merging of Dino (web/tokens) with Crypto (app) – programming done!
3. Launch of new Security Tokens
4. Launch of “traditional” stock trading on tZERO Markets
5. Launch of 24x7x365 trading
6. Adding BD’s, trading volume (liquidity)
7. SEC Approval of Boston Security Token Exchange (BSTX) – 50% owned by tZERO
8. Partner with External Investor(s) – Q1/2 2021
9. Deliver 1st TZROP Quarterly DIVIDEND (10% of gross revenues)
10. Adding international investors, Canada, etc.
11. Getting JJ and Saum on CNBC and telling the whole World about tZERO!

Get started here!

By: Zelly Sweat
Song: Twenty Twelve- https://youtu.be/UDXB36XI2ws

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