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white supremacist thievery by amerika in the name of democracy.mp4

14 Nov 2019

this is what amerika has done across the world. and when the people don't want to be slaves to the IMF as bolivia was trying to do , and get from under the thieving laws that the white devil has forced upon the world, the white savage comes with guns and bombs to pacify the people. I keep telling africa to watch out for this from amerika and russia, but it seems that the people are not listening and letting their elected officials make deals with these devils that will keep the black nations of africa indebted to these white devils for generations to come under their the white mans laws. It's time the people of the world do what the white mfs have done throughout history. Make our laws and let them bastards follow our rules . after all africa , and south amerika you have all the world needs. the white mans lands are barren just as their souls are. As you can see this is especially what amerika is good at. Its time people quit attacking their own and start running these white mfs from amerika out of their countries by attacking their embassies and giving them at least better than they do others , the option to get the fuck out of town by sundown . I hope people in africa and other parts of south amerika are paying attention. I know venezuela did , because they stopped this shit from happening when amerika tried it. But now venezuela watch out. these bastards will create a war between you and bolivia, and guess what mfs will be backing bolivia

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