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Family reacts to Facebook video of woman hurling racist insults

Bon Bon
Published on 13 Mar 2018 / In News & Politics

Denver7 reporter Lance Hernandez talked to the girl who recorded the incident and tells us she feels the woman's apology after the tirade went viral were not sincere.

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blackme 9 months ago

they behave like this because the system tells them they are untouchable and they are stupid enough to believ it. this redneck, white trash cave bitch wont change, she cant its in her dna. white privilege will get her another job soon anyway.the only change will be next time shell keep her mouth shut and mind her own business, but she will have the same mindset.

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MissyNicki 9 months ago

Racism is more important to these people than their livelihood. They will risk it all to display their evil, even going as far as to tell this woman to put it on YouTube, their "High IQ's" fail them constantly. Now she doesn't have a job and has issued a fake apology, she is only sorry that her racist rant cost her her job. Also, this shows these racist ass Hispanics who think that they are better than black people that these inbred cave apes don't like them either, LOL.

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