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Rant in the Black (How many coming to Michigan??)

Above All That Drama

Let me just say off rip..I Like To Stream Good Black Content. If I streamed you that means I fucks wit you.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 3 months ago

They are using our tax dollars to take care of those people. They are just letting any of them right on in, while they are continuously making the lives of black people in Amerikkka and around the globe, pure living hell. Crime is definitely gonna increase, because some of them are uncivilized, crazy, murderous and diseased. If you notice in the crowds of them, whose trying to enter the U.S., you don't see any Afro Latinos (Negroes), just the pale Euro Spaniard's offspring. Why aren't they allowed in? Afro Latinos want a better life too. So why aren't they in any of the crowds we see entering the U.S.? Because the European's numbers are falling fast and they want to increase their numbers, so even though they look at Euro Spaniard Latinos, like a bastardized version of themselves, they want to use them to increase their numbers and help them in their dirty dealings against us. The last thing they would do, is let the Afro Latinos into the country, to increase our numbers. When I say Afro Latinos, I mean the real, black kinky haired Negroes scattered across South America, not the off beams. So If Negroes can't see the writing on the wall by now, as to why they are letting them just walk right on in, they are blind as two bats in a cave.

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