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#Boycott the ‘Harriet’ movie it is a disgrace to foundational Black Americans #ADOS #History


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Kimathi100 12 months ago

This decision is a Fxxxxxx DISGRACE! This is More SHIT from HOLLYWIERD! done specifically to DISRESPECT the ADOS family! and they deliberately chose that COON Ass BITCH to play the REVERED Icon HARRIET TUBMAN to cause INSULT! Not only is She OFFENSIVE to Foundational Afro-Americans, she is also a FORIGNER and a SWIRLER! Yes!!! That’s Right! That’s why they chose her because she ticks every Box for a RACE TRAITOR! Those JEWISH CraKKKas have really been REWARDING all thier Female COONS recently! And she is just the Latest in a Long Line! You think they would be this CAVALIER about a PIVOTAL character from The HOLOCAUST? This is part of thier SWIRLING Agenda and she and her WHITE Boyfriend are part of this VILE SHIT!

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BConscience 12 months ago

Bet'cha they wouldn't do THIS 2 Anna Franks.

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Black Global Village
Black Global Village 11 months ago

We said this ten months ago. However its a bit more complex then simply hollywood bringing her over, but since this ADOS and its leaders who are encouraging misinformation remain on this anti black(anything that is not ados but focusing hatred of other black people who has not done anything to you is a clear symptom of self hatred lead by someone who has never lived in a communities where immirgrant black live side by side with ados) crusade and not focus on the real problem of white tyranny, i and the others will simply sit out on this one. Because any truth will simply be used as a crusade against other DOS or other Blacks not of ados origin which we are not going to do. Enough of the anti Blackness from a creole boule lesbian who got kicked out of the bootlicking boule media community and ended up on youtube. Funny nobody even saw anything what's wrong with her appearance in the trailer yet.

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