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Ohio Handcuffed Inmates Set Up By Guards To Be Stabbed By White Supremacist Inmate

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
13 Nov 2019

Just let them die': Ohio prison staff is sued for allegedly allowing a white supremacist inmate, to stab four black inmates with a homemade blade while they were left handcuffed to a table. The four inmates - Shamieke Pugh, Maurice Lee, Dontez Hollis and Daryl Pascol - were sitting together, restrained. Greg Reinke, another inmate, slipped out of his handcuffs, pulled a homemade blade out of his socks and began stabbing the men.
Correctional officers stayed behind a closed door, allegedly laughing and debating letting the men die
Guards entered the area after one of the victims got out of his cuffs and tackled Reinke to the ground. The lawsuit, filed by Pugh and Lee, allege that officers strip-searched the four men but not Reinke and either gave him a key to his cuffs or knew he had one. Reinke was sentenced to 54 years for the attack and is currently on a hunger strike, saying he is being mistreated by guards.

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