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My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
11 May 2019



(Tommy Sotomayor's Everyday Life) "Going To See Brother Polight In Harlem" show.

Today (Tommy Sotomayor) was in (Harlem,New York City) to do a speech. While Tommy and a dude that was with Tommy Sotomayor the whole time. The dude was holding Tommy cell phone filming.

A certain individual notice it was Tommy Sotomayor in the building and before he shook Tommy Sotomayor hand. That same dude texted his goons to come through to check Tommy ass immediately.

Next thing you know Tommy was being all friendly and was talking to a short dude with sun glasses on. The short dude came with his goons and they all of a sudden start calling Tommy Sotomayor a bitch and a pussy for talking bad about black women on YouTube.

Tommy Sotomayor tried to walk away from the (Harlem Goons) and Tommy ended up getting punch in the face. Tommy yell and screamed saying this nigga just stole on me because he don't like my YouTube videos.

The Harlem Goon that punched Tommy Sotomayor in the face before him and his goons left the building before Tommy called the cops on them. That very same goon threaten to slap the shit out of Tommy Sotomayor ass again if he ever talk bad about black women again.

Now everybody in the black sector is talking about this nigga Tommy Sotomayor being punch in the face. People laughing at Tommy and shit and some people even thinks Tommy got what he deserve for thinking he cannot be touch in New York City.

After the goons left Tommy Sotomayor most certainly called the cops and feared for his life probably so i don't know if the cops really came or not but Tommy left that building caught a cab and went to another part of New York as soon as possible.

Thanks for watching a NIKENIKETOWN video ✌????

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 1 year ago

Now he's fucking scared, after all the garbage talk he does on youtube day and night. I hope he gets punched 26 more times lmao. It's strange how he only says they punched him because of his youtube videos, but he leaves out telling them that he made youtube videos telling white cave people to shoot black men on site no matter where they are. smh

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