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Meanwhile In Oakland: Racist Kkkracka Female Rants About How She Killed Tupac! "I Put A Bullet


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TXroseRN 11 months ago

I would have roasted this dirty looking, trash bag carrying cave roach. I would have told her to buckle herself into her dusty footmobile shoes and dial 911 on her thumb and pinky bc her dirty butt crack is homeless and walking while I'm comfortable in my car bc that's pay back for my ancestors and she can eat my exhaust for dinner....old hateful bitch.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Start carrying A hard plastic cup, Lye and a bottle of water...Mix contents...When cup is warm and you see steam? Douse that Racist vermin. #TurnTheirEntireWorldBLACK

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mickybricks 11 months ago

i would,ve beat the mayo an piss outta that cave cunt

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sly35965 11 months ago

Greetings, Sisters and Brothers - "When Will That Day Or Moment Comes...When All Black Nations Collectively Stop Directing Their Energy Flow To The Oppressor Needs For Replenishing Its Diminished Energy? Draining/Consuming Share...Thanks."

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