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Racism The "DNA" of the United States. Panelist gives response to lawmaker on Blackface

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
10 Feb 2019

Nina Turner argues that recent blackface scandals in politics are not a result or in relation to President Trump, but that racism is in the "DNA" of the United States.

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Magenta 9 months ago

"If you take care of black lives, then all lives are taken care of." Nina Turner summed it up succinctly, but that sentiment will resonate with very few people.

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LeeMay 9 months ago

She is right about the term POC, she hit the nail on the head with the words anti Black. I love that she does not hold back. To quote Dr. Claude Anderson, "President Ronald Reagan in 1982 insisted that when referring to race matters that broad and ambiguous terms be used. "The gigs (meaning n......s) won't know the difference. They will think that they are included". (Many Black people suffer from the illusion of inclusion) These broad and ambiguous terms are POC, poor people, all people, all Americans, minorities, multi cultural, African Americans (the term African American can be used by other groups as long as they were borned or lived in Africa, when they migrate to America, they can claim to be African American, even if they invaded, stole, killed, raped and pillage the African land. They can still claim to be an African American. Therefore, I classify myself as BLACK AMERICAN. Every group want a piece of our pie.

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