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Record breaking snowfall in Wichita, KS to start the new year - 1/1/2021

Above All That Drama

Record breaking snowfall for the first day of 2021 in Greater Wichita. By 10am, the official measurement for Wichita was 5" and counting, beating the 1925 record of 4.2" for Jan 1. The last time Wichita saw at least 5" of snow was back on Feb 4, 2014. Fortunately the holiday meant a lot of drivers were not on the roads, but still, there were a host of issues across roads in the city.
Shot Description

Clips 1-2: An on-ramp to I-235 in south Wichita is locked by a stuck semi and sport car. The car trying to get unstuck from the snow while a tow truck works to hook up the semi.

Clips 3-4: Sedan spun out off I-135 and stuck in the snow.

Clips 5-6: Semi on a tow truck after crashing along northbound I-135.

Clip 7: K-DOT sign warning drivers of snowpacked roads.

Clip 8: POV driving shot of snow-covered interstate with three cars driving ahead.

Clip 9: Heavy snow falls through headlights of stopped vehicle.

Clip 10-11: POV driving shot passing emergency vehicle parked behind a stranded vehicle.

Clip 12: POV driving shot through heavy snow passing a KDOT sign warning of winter weather.

Clip 13: POV driving shot behind two cars driving slowly through falling snow with emergency flashers on.

Clip 14-15: POV driving shots passing snow lows in falling snow.

Clip 16-18: Shots of three snowplows clearing I-135 in south Wichita.

Clip 19-20: Kansas and US flags blowing in wind-driven snow.

Clip 21-22: Heavy snow falling over KDOT sign reading "Winter Weather in the Area".

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 23 days ago

Ooo..ooo!! This is why I made the decision to move from my hometown Chicago, back down south 25 years ago, because waking up dealing with this and having to hit the Dan Ryan expressway, in this kind of weather to get to work was becoming a hazard

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