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7 things you didn't know you could buy with a credit card

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Wise Phenomenal
24 Apr 2021

Now before this video starts, in this video, I will tell you a few things that you may or may have not to know that you can pay for with a credit card. This just for educational purposes

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1. Mortgages or Rent
- Their a service called Plastiq that literally takes your information
- And send the Bank or Landlord a Check for the rent
- They do charge you a 2.85% fee for doing this though

- Some credit cards do offer you 2% cashback so you would only really paying .8-1% as a fee
- Just keep in mind you cant profit from this
- And I wouldn’t do it ( have an emergency fund, a credit card is not one )

2. Stocks and Forex brokers
- You can actually get away with buying stocks with a credit card
- However, the big danger is that if you pick wrong, you’ll get hurt from two sides ( the interest being charged and the potential losses from the stock)

To do this:
- All you need is to find a broker that accepts it
- For example stockpile and I think interactive broker allow credit cards
- But stockpile does charge a .99 fee for trade and also a 3% convenience fee on the credit card
- It's like everything you buy you just instantly lost 3% ( don’t do it )

Tip: might be a good idea for a one-time minimum spend.

3. Buy a car
- This is the case by case scenario because not every deal is the same
- So the idea is to contact the dealer and see which ones accept credit cards as a form of payment

- This only makes sense under these circumstances
- You have enough money to pay the balance in full and you wanted the points ( unless they're a convenience fee also ))
- You're trying to take advantage of the 0% interest on your credit card
- Or you are trying to get a bonus

Ps. You can also do a balance transfer to a credit card for free depending on the promotion of the credit card. SO if the dealer says no, you can buy the car with a loan, transfer it over to the credit card for free and then take 18 months to pay it off interest-free.

4. Taxes
- You can pay your taxes with a credit card
- But the irs will charge you 1.99% as a fee
- So good look trying to leverage the points

But again this could make sense:
- If you have a bonus you want to get to
- Don’t do this because you are literally broke, just sort out a payment plan with the IRS
- The worst thing is to get charged 25% taxes additional by the credit card

5. Medical bills
- I found this out a few weeks ago, one of the number one reason people go bankrupt is because medical bills
- If you can get insurance get insurance

Now the idea is:
- Is you are going to get reimbursed by insurance or Health Savings account this makes sense
- Just make sure the hospital or whoever it is, is not charging you a big fee

Tip: don’t do this with real bills you can't get rid off, again interest rates are crazy.

6. Tuition
- Turn out if you're 18 years old on top of loans you can also acquire some fast debt by paying with a credit card
- Now if you have the cash to pay the card In full then great, get those points or bonus and payback
- Be careful if they charge a crazy fee though

I spent 88k in college I think:
- 2% cashback would have been $1,760
- Interest of 25% would have been 22k so be careful

7. Fund a bank
- Banks let you fund the account with a credit card
- This is cool for people that want to get a bonus without buying things they don’t need
- I have a list of all the banks below

Great article:





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