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NEWFACE MAGAZINE LV MEDIA FEATURING: The Perfect Caramel Cake with Chef Darius Cooks!

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Growing up, I heard the same thing - eat your food first, then you can have dessert. Well, the times have certainly changed. I'm tired of hearing it - and sometimes, I really do like to eat dessert first. But, it's gotta be a really good dessert. You know, like a let's lick our fingers, then lick our plate dessert. That's really the only kind of dessert that qualifies to be eaten first.

My perfect caramel cake is a cinch to make. I'll start by making the easiest vanilla buttermilk cake ever. It's a three part recipe where you really just dump and stir and it comes out perfect every single time. The cake is good. But, the frosting is better. It starts with real caramel and then we add tons of powdered sugar until it's whipped to perfection. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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