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BLA Xit presents African legend Wode Maya

Blaxit Movement
Blaxit Movement
04 Dec 2019

Ok Bla Xit family we are finally sharing our first Bla Xit interview ever with the legendary Wode Maya! Wode Maya has created a platform Africa to the world to show everyone the real Africa. His vloggs have been watched by millions worldwide. He has made over 500 videos and has over 250.000 quarter of a million subscribers and this figure is rising daily. His funny and educational vloggs show us the great beauty of Africa and the culture the people the food the life. That's is how we met Wode when travelled to The Gambia. Wode Maya and his team Elvis and Peace are dynamic snd produce high quality content. Our donations and support will ensure he can keep sharing his love of Africa. "Africa for the Africans home and abroad" was stated by Marcus Mosiah Garvey and Wode Maya (Kobi) Elvis and Peace are ensuring that his plans will come to fruition as many people really want to come home.

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