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Ervin Griffin
Ervin Griffin
21 Dec 2017

Old video from my classic ATSBS series.

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2 years ago

Ronda Rousey got the higher purse only because She was the revenue bringer for the UFC! & You are right, they handed Rousey a title shot at her return. Ronda Rousy cannot win without being able to sink in that Arm Bar... That's how she won ALL OF HER FIGHTS! Nunez and Holly Holm knew this and kept her off them and were able to knock her ass out. Amanda Nunez may have been the champ, but not many people knew who she was, but since she's beat the shit out of Rousey, the know her well now. Rousy's purse for that fight was 3 Mil, win, lose or draw, and Amanda Nunez purse was $100,000 for the fight, and she got the $100,000 bonus for the win making her total earnings $200,000. But now that she's held on to the title against one of the best and beat her in such a dramatic fashion... She'll be making ALOT MORE for any other time she steps in the cage from now on.

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