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The Nations Biggest Collection Of Racist Objects Are All In A Michigan College Basement (HBO)

Sweet Melanin
Sweet Melanin
19 Aug 2018

David Pilgrim, a Black sociologist, runs the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia out of the small, white, Trump-voting town of Big Rapids, MI. With the help of private donors like Chuck and Ward, an elderly gay couple, Pilgrim believes that sharing his expansive collection can change the way racism is perceived in the United States.

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ceejay 2 years ago

That is devil behavior, they put massive energy, time, thought and creativity to fully express their unprovoked hate. And what does being "gay" have to do with pale people enslaving, hanging, beating, raping, stealing, attacking and destroying whole communities of a targeted group of people for nearly 400 years? That is like my son saying dad, when I was in the bathtub my toy ship sank, and I reply, son that is like the sinking of the titanic. Really!?!? Is it?

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Magenta 2 years ago

Nobody knows they are gay until they say so. Not so with black people, but whites will always try to put their "suffering" on a par with black people. They are also never to judged as individuals, but as a society. That way no-one has to take responsibility.

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