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2 black men shot down for this. 1 white man not a shot fired.mp4

28 Aug 2019

n. ow all the black folk going to say the obvious had he been black, he would have been shot dead and i'm black and agree. do you know why they didn't shoot him dead besides him being white, and I think that cop is too old to shoot besides being black and not that quick to shoot. they won't shoot because they know the only thing all you silly ass black people are going to do is march pray sing , and take your scared asses home until the next one. they know that when they kill us nobody is going to come after them or theirs, but these white people will. so don't complain

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Magenta 9 months ago

White people don't care when the police kill white people, even in the most egregious fashion. Much of the time they are nasty and denigrating towards the victim. Police kill whites a lot less because they know their numbers are falling by the minute, and they empathise with their own, so no need for whites to take to the streets as black people do, although there are occasions when they should. That's another reason why they hate black people. It makes them look bad because black people demonstrate when whites don't care to.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 9 months ago

This mofo tried to take a hostage and STILL wasn't shot.

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9 months ago


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