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Chinese Cooking Rat Meat As Chicken. I'm Now Woke. NEVER AGAIN.. WOW!!!

25 Nov 2018

This is a gentle reminder for everyone. It is to believe people in China are eating this! These deep fried thingie may look very much like chicken, but take a closer look, you will find the difference!

You will be shocked to find out these are actually RATS!

Cutting them up into pieces that stimulate chicken parts.

Well seasoned to taste great.
So, think again when you order deep fried chicken. I hope they are not cheating people, instead they are really selling deep fried RAT. But hey, Who is going to eat that??

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Rowright 1 year ago

You. Guys just realized this?! Old news! There was a special on this that the Chinese were cutting up puppy n selling it as chicken. Black ppl! Cook your own damn food.

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