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Dashcam video shows man's beating, arrest by Hamilton County officers

Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama
24 Jun 2020

This dashcam video and audio provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office shows the beating and subsequent arrest of Reginald Arrington Jr. on May 23, 2020.

The deputies had been called to the area by a woman who lived in Ooltewah. She told deputies that a Black man in a blue jumpsuit was acting suspicious, walking up to women and "asking them questions and asked her how to get out of the neighborhood," court records state.

Deputies questioned Arrington before Arrington began exhibiting what deputies called "erratic behavior."
For five-and-a-quarter minutes, deputies beat Arrington and held him to the ground, the video shows.

Arrington's limp body is then picked up and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle. He's then heard breathing heavily and shouting from inside the vehicle before a paramedic arrives to check on him.

Arrington was charged with resisting arrest, simple assault on police, criminal impersonation, pedestrian in roadway and four counts of aggravated assault on police. All of the charges have since been dropped.

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