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How Racism Is Born

Taurean Reign
Taurean Reign
17 Oct 2018




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blackme 1 year ago

they should not be allowed to breed. the world is sick of them and their devil spawn.

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tracynelson 2 years ago

this is why their goats kids are fucked up and become mass shooters

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Zelda Stanley-williams

I know one thing they are two ugly, subhuman, monster!
Yes, those cowards have weapons because they would get their asses hand to them if they didn't, cowards by nature!

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Goddess89 2 years ago

This is why I don’t trust any of these cave dwellers.

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commonman80 2 years ago

Europeans/White People DO NOT OUT NUMBER PEOPLES OF COLOR.. The European/White People Are Only 11% Of The Entire Human Population.. That's IF You Want To Classify The European As "Human".. Because Genetically Speaking? That 4% Neanderthal DNA Make Up They Have? Means They ARE NOT YET FULLY EVOLVED HUMAN BEINGS.. Which Is Probably Why They Are Dying Off..

Because Mother Earth/Nature Found It Necessary To Force The Neanderthal Into Extinction For Some Reason.. Why? Science Is Still Trying To Find That Out.. However, The Only Reason Europeans/Whites Exist Today Is Because Approximately 50K to 70K Years Ago? The Fully Evolved Human/Sun-Saharan African Interbred With The Neanderthal...

If That HAD NOT HAPPENED? There Would Be No European/White People Today.. In Other Words? Our Ancestors? FUCKED UP.. But Maybe They Were Trying To Teach The Neanderthal To Stop Having Sex With Animals.. Because The European/White People/Neanderthal Hybrid STILL Have A Propensity To Have Sex With Mammals OTHER THAN Human Beings..

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