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asskissers for trump , soon to be deported lolololol.mp4

07 Jan 2020

now in the article I got this from , it says that a lot of "amerikan iranians " are happy this happened. But then thats the propaganda of amerika. But any of these iranians who cheered for this bastard trump will soon eat those words. Because those fools will be round up if shit gets worse, and deported right back to iran. And then you'll finally get that this country aint shit. But I guess you think you are immune to the hate because as I keep saying to my black people. Donot take sides with these arabs / iranians as far as you thinking we have anything in common except the detestment of this present govt. Because as I have said b4. Most arabs are just as white as the european caucasian. The only difference is who they wish to call god. But when it comes to us, they will fuck us over just as the european has. And they will take that european's side . Why ? Because when it all comes down to it . They're all still white.But good luck suckers who made this propaganda video. You just fucked over your own relatives in iran so the devil here can think you love him

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