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Kamala Harris Busted: "I'm Not Doing Anything That's Only For Black People"

27 Feb 2019

When questioned on reparations Kamala Harris finally admitted she is NOT "going to something that only benefits black people." We also examine why the white media and their black flunkies are coming unglued because we're finally flexing our muscles.

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Down wit the brown

are you russian????????ahhahahahaaawaahaahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Magenta 1 year ago

Why should she? Do black people think that she is oblivious to the hate that they automatically have for her, and most 'half-whites' (apart from the Kaepernick type) from the get-go? The most traitorous people throughout history have been dark skinned blacks, but this is overlooked, so that hatred of the 'other' can be fostered.

Why aren't black people marching en masse on Washington demanding reparations specifically (and only) for black Americans? After all, they were the only ones truly enslaved, right? Fuck all those other blacks that didn't have the 'American Experience.'

Harris is right. Whatever uplifts black people will also uplift everyone else, because black people are at the bottom of the barrel (and appear comfortable there.) All those who demand exclusive benefits for black Americans should stand united and represent their cause. Let's see which of them is willing to take the first bullet.

The headline is a crock. Why manipulate people's words just to suit an agenda? The same people have the nerve to complain about 'lamestream' media. There's a saying about black people doing better...

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Dangerous Television

@ Magenta - You're not understanding politics. Whatever you want from a politician exclusively for your own constituency, you have to BUY that politician. If anything, that's where Black people are messing up. LBGTQ, Latinos, Jews and Indians all put something on Obama's campaign. And they all got something in return. Well...Blacks have to do the same thing. Black lobbyists seem to be non existent...and that's what we need.

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