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Veritaseum Ushers in FUTURE of FINANCE with World's First P2P, Gold Denominated Blockchain Mort

22 Jun 2019

We believe this mortgage is legally defensible, with traditional written note and mortgage as well as a smart contract on a public blockchain,both of whom incorporate each other by reference. The transaction has traditional title insurance and the note is being recorded with the county clerk.

The mortgage is denominated in Veritaseum's VeGold product, a digital form of gold in bearer form, fully transferable and redeemable upon demand. Market price assurance products are being created and offered to the borrower(s) in the event they are uncomfortable with assuming exchange rate risk.

Visit our P2P capital markets application suite (the VeADIR) at and peruse our many offerings for yourself.
May we suggest the purchase of fully redeemable digital gold, silver
or Palladium for the holidays?

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