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Grandmaster J (J-OFF) Caught On Camera Saying He Took Money

11 Sep 2020


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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 15 days ago

Whose giving out money?? To who is someone giving out money? Please this childish BS means nothing and wouldn't stand up as evidence, in any court on the planet. Talking about a weak receipt. ...smh. So unless whatever idiot, made this worthless video, has more proof than this botched 10-15 second crap, they are only making themselves look like they have the I.Q, of a 12 year old. What does mean something and extremely important, is that black people are still getting unjustly murdered in the streets, in the US and around the planet (in case you didn't notice). So unless the video owner or you have a better idea, to put a stop to that, this post is not only juvenile and immature, but extremely insignificant. Black people as a collective have bigger fish to fry. The ones wasting their time on back stabbing and/or slandering other black people, doing this type of BS (especially in front of their enemies), are the ones that will be fried. Everyone is grown, makes their own choices and have the right to listen and learn from who they want, so just stop.

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