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Need More Moms Like This The Way She Spoke To Her Kids Is Nothing Short Of Uplifting!

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
03 Mar 2018

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CriticalThinking 3 years ago

Love this! So many good Black women out there, but we are brainwashed by the white media to believe that they're all ratchet. We also have to distance ourselves from those in our community that bash Black men and Black women. Bashing each other does not help Black Empowerment, it just divides us. This Black mother is raising her sons not only to be proud Black men, but proud Black men that will protect each other. She is teaching them to be on code. Respect to the Black Queen!

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My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V 3 years ago

Facts family

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!

(Lita Michelle) I think there are a lot of Good Black mothers,my mother is one of the best mother's in the world,and this mother was calm and respectful to her children. I think there are a lot of Good Black Mothers but they haven't gotten the spotlite,it's always the loud,hood,black mothers that are always talked about and are on videos

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Clarence T
Clarence T 3 years ago

She's brilliant! She is teaching her children how to reason (which is rare amongst adults let alone young children). I liked how she as a Mother and a woman respected the elder son enough to take a step back and allow him to be heard before hitting both of them in the cerebral with the life lesson.

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Killmonger 3 years ago

Agreed 100%

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