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Two chinese doctors skin turn black.mp4


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PathwaytoFreedom 1 month ago

I think that might be a hoax because when I was in an Asian country years ago it was very common for them to disguise themselves as black with makeup and they would often perform music by black artists dressed this way. They are very good with makeup too. There are these tanning pills ppl can take to darken their skin as well, hard to tell but it looks like they might have changed their hair too. Its just more nonsense added to their mockery of blacks. They also made a fairly recent commercial in which the woman put her black boyfriend in a washing machine and he turned into an Asian at the end of the cycle. Foolishness has become the norm worldwide. Some are seriously entertaining the idea that the coronavirus is being spread by ppl farting. People don't bother to look up valid info on how things work, they just buy into the hype because an official face was added to it.

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