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New Industrial Hybrid Quadcopter With Extra-long Duration up to 5hrs

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

THEA 140 Hybrid Pro Industrial Drone

The newly-launched quadcopter THEA 140 Hybrid Pro is designed for industrial application. Fashioned out of carbon fiber, it features high ruggedness and high stability.
It can easily achieve 5h ultra-long duration loaded with 10L gasoline and a 400g camera.
The newly-designed folding arms, removable fuel tank and one set of retractable landing gears save you the space and strength to store and deliver it and at the same time, to ensure the gimbal camera a better camera view.
Loaded up with one of the task-load cameras like Argus V2, thermal camera Bi-focus, FH336-TR, DJI Zenmuse Z30, etc, tasks like inspection, mapping, transmission line stringing, would be no hard jobs.
Aside from cameras, the 7.7kg payload capacity allows for other vital payload like a LED light or food supplies, enabling it to rush at 14m/s to search and rescue.
It is able to realize 3D modeling, too, by loading Argus V2 3D mapping camera, which uses oblique photogrammetry technology.

Version: THEA 140 Hybrid Pro Version
Diagonal Wheelbase: 1.4m
Unfolded Dimensions: 100cm*100cm*50cm
Folded Dimensions: 70cm*70cm*50cm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Frame Weight: 3.8kg (with landing gears and 11L fuel tank)
RTF Weight: 11.3kg (no gasoline)
Max Take-off Weight: 19kg
Max Payload: 7.7kg (including gasoline)
Max Flight Time: 5h (with 10L gasoline and 400g payload)
Max Flying Speed: 14m/s
Max Lifting Speed: 4m/s
Max Descent Speed: 3m/s
Max Angle of Inclination: 25°
Suggested Flight Altitude: ≤500m
Suggested Sea Level Elevation: ≤2000m
Working Voltage: 48V
Max Fuel Consumption: 1.5kg/h(750g/kw.h)
Generator Weight: 4kg
Generator Output: 1.8kw(continuous), 2kw(max)
Working temperature: -20℃-40℃

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