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Coronavirus Racism Against Black People

13 Apr 2020

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Magenta 3 months ago

"..based on the allegations of either a white woman or an "angry" black woman..." (16:55). At least he acknowledges that the white woman does not have to be angry to call the police on a black man. She can just do so on a mere whim. Why complain about the women that are the natural counterparts of black men? They should be grateful that white women have got black men's backs during these trying Corona times. He got the virus from her people in the first place. Black men should be proud that white women are calling out their men for making black men the face of the disease, and putting and end to the culling of their prized possessions.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 3 months ago

Logic tells me that if the coronavirus is an animal to human contagion...this pandemic would've happened already. I think it came from a lab, just like the HIV virus.

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