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Prophetic Word 2020 | Revival in Africa in 2020 Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj | 01-01-2020 New Years Message

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Prophetic Word 2020
Read about the Blueprint for Revival For Africa here http://globaldaysoftpw.com/revival/ and here
https://fatherslove.co.za/revival-in-africa-sadhu/ for the notes for the entire message

*Word for the Continent of Africa*

The Lord Jesus said,

*I am going to pour out my revival on there. You shall arise in large numbers in the African continent.*

However the nations in Africa will be shaken.

Kings and those in authority will be shaken.

Shaken in the sense that they will be removed.

Political changes will be shaken.

If the churches in the nations of Africa gather together in oneness and pray violence in those nations will be brought under control.
Prophetic Outlook 2020!

*2020 Prophetic Word Preparation*

• Rooted and planted in the Lord
• Strengthen your relationship with the Lord Jesus
• Fill your heart with the word of God

Full word for New Years Message is here https://youtu.be/vIyo6HRnXbo


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