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PoPo Called On A Sista At Asian Restaurant Because She Didn't Like The Dessert

Above All That Drama

Demetra Kaye reports on the soldiers being called on a sista because she wanted to exchange the dessert she ordered.

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mickybricks 4 months ago

Charlie Chan and Suzy Wong shouldv,e beat the foolishness outta of this Koonette before ringing the Kops.
i ain,t got no time for none of them fucking ignorant and Retarded Coons and Coonettes who refuse to get on code
They gone get what they gone get
hashtag Zerofucksgiven

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 4 months ago

High Yellows must be purged.

2 0 Reply
mickybricks 4 months ago

@Above All That Drama: With no mercy or Zero fucks given

2 0 Reply
Krakkkakiller 4 months ago

STOP! Going to their SHIT HOLES and Buying their CRAP! and MIxing with them? Will these COONS Never Learn?

2 0 Reply
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