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FULL: Body camera footage released in Philip Brailsford police shooting (WARNING: graphic content)

13 Jul 2019

Police release raw body camera footage of Philip Brailsford shooting of Daniel Shaver in Mesa, Arizona in 2016.The reason I put this back is to show you black people who insist on running to court expecting justice , when these savages kill your family or abuse them and they are innocent. This bastard Phillip Brailsford, is getting reinstated so he can collect his pension after he cold blooded murdered this guy. Now he's white and the victim is white, and he was still justified by the white man's fucked up laws , in murdering a guy crawling on the floor and clearly not a threat. SO ehy do you black people keep thinking some mystical mf named jesus ,or some other white mf on this planet is ever going to give you justice. When will we learn . KILL OR BE KILL

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

#StartHuntingThemAndTheirs Take to start taking their kids y'all.

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