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Our business grew when we stopped focusing on MONEY!

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
09 Feb 2019

Success, for me, is such a counter-intuitive journey. Eben Pagan says our chimpanzee brain kicks in when we have a need that we want to fulfill. We focus on the ONE thing that will satisfy that need the fastest. Think about when we get hungry, the first thing we focus on is food. When we get cold we focus on turning the heat up or when we get lonely, we focus on calling somebody to remedy that feeling. The hardest thing for me to overcome in my business was the fact that when you're broke, focusing on MONEY is the wrong thing to do.
This may be a new idea for some, but money is likes to be romanced like a beautiful lady. She doesn't want a man to come up and ask for it. We must become a little more intimate with our success in order to grow it. Money likes you to put in the work, value and processes BEFORE she'll show up for you. Today my brother and I will cover a few tips we've uncovered in our businesses to help you understand how we've created value before we even think about money. I'll see you today at 12:30pm EST on my channel..

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