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PA School Security Guard Slams Black Girl’s Face Into A Table


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commonman80 12 months ago

I don't live to far from Luzerne County Pennsylvania. It Seems Our People In This County Are Getting Their Wake Up Call.. You See A Lot Of Our People Are Moving Into The Mid-Pennsylvania Region From The Inner-Cities Of Philly, New York, And New Jersey. Because The Property Is Pretty Cheap To Buy Homes..

So To Fit In? They Try To Avoid THEIR OWN PEOPLE Who Are Conscious (Like Myself.) So As To Be Excepted By These Inbred Neanderthal Demon Beast. Black People Moving In? Will OUT RIGHT SHUN THEIR OWN PEOPLE.. If You Try To Tell Them How These Demons Are.. Thinking If They Just "Be Good"? That Those Demons Will Like Them..

Not Knowing That Mid-Pennsylvania Is Known As The South Of The North. These Northern Rednecks Are A Bunch Of Financially Poor Demons. And? Are Both Jealous And Racist.. Because Our People Moving In This Region From New Jersey, New York, And Philly? Are Moving In With Money. (Compared To The Money These Demons Have.)

And? The Demonic Beasts HATE IT.. So They Will Use Their White Privileged To Try And Subjugate Our People Moving In.. Because THEY DAMN SURE CAN'T DO IT WITH MONEY... Because They're BROKE AS SHIT.. Case And Point. You Can Buy TWO HOUSES In Mid Pennsylvania Of The Same Size A House Would Cost In New York, New Jersey, And Philly..

And, Those Neanderthal Demonic Beasts? Hate It.. So As Our Population Increases In Mid-Pennsylvania? You Can Expect To See More Incidents Like This.. But I Hope This Is A Wake Up Call For My New Black Neighbors..

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Kinda makes ya wanna get a little pay bank on one of their family member. Hint

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Jaygo 12 months ago

truth be told. Parents know very well how racist and violent these schools are.. I'm beyond showing sympathy to people who continue to send their kids to school then want to bitch about what happen there.

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