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Jamaica's Hidden History - The Truth About Jamaica and Jamaicans

11 Jun 2019

Hidden History of Jamaica: The Truth About Jamaica and Jamaicans

Are the people of the island of Jamaica really Jamaicans? Have you ever wondered what makes this beautiful island Jamaica? How did the Arawaks live here for so long and leave no archaeological records?

These are some of the questions asked and answered in an explosive lecture presentation on The Untold History of Jamaica by Master Amaru Ka’Re, which was hosted at the Marcus Garvey Museum in Kingston.

This lecture highlights such facts as:

-the so-called Arawaks are fake.
-Columbus was a mass-murdering thief.
-the “Slave Trade” was actually a race war.
-Jamaican Citizens are legally British property.
-Christianity is a psychological weapon.
-Queen Elizabeth II still owns the government of Jamaica.
-Jamaicans are neither “independent” nor free.

Olmecs have been linked to Mende/Mandinka peoples of West Africa and not just Olmec but also some on the N.American mainland. Some old Mende script was supposedly discovered among the Olmec and genetic test and facial rebuild of the earliest Americans revealed an African/Australoid origin. Yoruba or Benin sculptures were discovered in the states also.

But please remember we are taught that Africans had no connection with the ancient people of the Americas pre-Columbus. This is 100% wrong. I don't disagree with the fact that OTHER races were involved in ancient America but the African influence is undeniable.

As always, use this info to gather more info.

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