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Michael Jordan's devastating financial loss from GameStop

Above All That Drama

It turns out that Michael Jordan has a very direct connection to the massive financial losses incurred to hedge fund Melvin Capital as a result of the "Reddit Rebellion."

When Reddit investors took to their Robinhood apps to engage in a "short squeeze" against fund manager Melvin Capital, this caused significant financial damage to Gabe Plotkin, owner of Melvin Capital, who also happens to have just become a major business partner of Jordan's, buying a massive stake in the Charlotte Hornets.

While Michael Jordan's net worth remains high, the financially damage to a major business partner undermines his ability to sell more of the Hornets to Plotkin and also adds to the $300 million in losses he incurred after a pandemic-crippled NBA season.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 5 months ago

Truth be told, after all the wickedness Michael J has bestowed upon the black community, for his jewISH snake handlers, there will be consequences. So this is nothing compared to what karma is coming his way and I will feel no remorse whatsoever for him, like he didn't when hundreds of young black men and boys were killing each other, over those cheap aZZ, expensive NIKE tennis shoes, they produced in China for $5 a pair. MJ doesn't even own NIKE, the serpent jew does. He is only a name they used to lure black boys into buying the shoes. But did he ever lower the price and speak out about young black men and boys killing each other, for those cursed damn shoes he endorsed?? No. So the hell with coon king MJ. Karma misses no one. I don't give a damn how much $$ you have or don't have.

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