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cracker calling you niggers out. whatch gonna do.mp4

16 Aug 2019

now with the new school yr starting, you have this pos demon with his racial threats. wll the sheriff says there's no grounds to arrest this mf. But doesn't this fall under making terroristic threats.don't you think had this been a black kid, that swat would have paid him a visit. Well i'll say this once more. This mf is warning you of what he's going to do to black folk. And the law aint gonna do nothing about it. I would suggest you black kids arm yourselves. Don't listen to your scared ass parents talking that law and god shit, or you'll wind up dead. And when you see this mf on the street , blow his mfkn head off, and say I feared for my life. Now all these people say they're on edge because of this video. Fuck being on edge . kill this mf if he comes anywhere near you. please stop expecting white mfs to save you negros. MAN THE FUCK UP.

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Kimathi100 11 months ago

For Fxxxx sake! this KKKracker ain’t DEAD yet?

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